With references to modernism and the biblical stories of the great flood and the fall of man from the book of Genesis, I use the body to reimagine built narratives that relate to man’s cultivation & destruction of land. I visualize the topography of the human form through a series of layered distortions. Created for Film Festival at the Farm 2019 in Rhinebeck, NY, The Fall of Man was screened in an apple orchard and The Great Deluge overlooking a body of water, sparking a dialogue between it’s site specificity and abstracted origin mythologies.

SELFIE, 2018

ANTIBODIES (excerpt), 2017

Although acknowledging that dualities exist, the space in-between is ambiguous and disorienting, not knowing it’s parameters — like the the transition between childhood and adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, or perhaps in the dichotomy between our online virtual being v. our offline identity. The figure in this film teases back and forth between these two dimensions, between masculine and effeminate, private v. public, object v. subject, existence v. essence, and perhaps is narcissistically possessed by this alternate projection.